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  • Amazon Web Services

    If you need help with migrating to a cloud based infrastructure then view our Amazon Web Services Showcase to see what AWS could do for you

    "We’ll help you lower your infrastructure costs with AWS."

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  • How Much is Your IT Costing?

    If you knew the real cost of what bad IT service brings to your business, you could make more informed decisions about your IT support strategy.

    Calculate the true cost of bad IT service.

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  • Scalable IT Support

    If you need to scale your IT capacity way above “normal” to meet peak demand, and you’re paying more than you’d like for Disaster Recovery, it’s time to look at the options.

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  • Cloud computing Support

    Cloud computing offers huge business benefits, including ease of information access and reduced IT costs of 20-40% a year. However, moving your business to the cloud can seem a mammoth task.

    Discover the best approach for moving your business to the cloud with our free eGuide.

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  • IT Support Services

    Ubertas offers a complete range of IT support services, enabling seamless operation.

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  • IT Solutions

    We offer a full range of design and implementation services for all your IT needs, including Cloud-based and on-premise solutions, delivered by our expert IT Architects.

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  • How We Deliver

    Discover how we deliver our market leading IT Support services and change the way you think.

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IT Support, Application Support and IT Consultancy

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We work collaboratively with organisations across the UK to help them achieve their vision by aligning IT to their business goals. As a trusted advisor to our clients, we deliver measurable gains in cost efficiency and resource productivity, helping to accelerate growth and manage risk.

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