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Why Ubertas

Your Business IT Support

Ubertas are a financially stable organisation, achieving consistent, profitable growth. Formed in 2007, we focus on the delivery of high quality solutions throughout the UK, combining a passion for service delivery excellence with unparalleled experience, a comprehensive IT Services support capability and proven delivery methodologies. Able to cover all of your IT Support, Application Support and IT Consultancy business needs

We work collaboratively with our clients, helping them to achieve their vision with quantifiable improvements in both cost efficiency and resource productivity.

Redefining the IT Support Services Industry

This is our passion: to redefine what ‘customer service’ means for the IT support services industry by doing it in such a compelling and relevant way that you are liberated from the constraints of your available resources.

We believe we are more than an IT support services provider, because we are all about the quality of the ‘experience’, so you could say we are an ‘experience company’. In fact, everything we do is part of our laser sharp focus to make the customer experience the very best that it can be. This makes us different and more appealing than our competitors because we understand that our success relies upon each and every one of us demonstrating the highest quality customer service.

In this way we will inspire customers with the confidence to think and act in new ways. At every touch-point and every opportunity we want you to experience our unique approach to doing things the Ubertas way, by leveraging our uService methodology. uService is our way of sharing knowledge and translating ideas into innovation that ultimately makes life easier for our customers and ensures you revel in our service.

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