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The Big 4 Business Priorities For IT Decision Makers In 2014

 2014 is just around the corner – so it's time to get your IT procurement strategy in place now so you're prepared for all eventualities...

 The Big 4 Business Priorities For IT Decision Makers In 2014

1. Streamlining IT Efficiency

Choose your IT service supplier carefully – as companies become more dependent on technology to run their businesses, some are finding that they are paying the price for choosing inept suppliers. According to a survey by Rackspace:

One billion

The number of man-hours lost each year because of poor IT service


of IT staff are believed to to be losing one working day or more per week chasing their IT suppliers or resolving IT problems


of respondents have dumped their IT suppliers in the last year because their customer service was not good enough


2. Empowering Employees With IT Training

An SME engaging in IT training for its employees would gain the output equivalent of one extra employee for every 20 staff members, according to Talk Talk.


3. Collaborating To Increase Workflow

Better collaboration between employees means improved workflow and bigger bottom lines. Embrace collaboration software in 2014 or risk being left behind by your competitors:


of businesses that employ collaboration software say they are able to offer clients a more efficient service.


of businesses that employ collaboration software say it lets them access data and knowledge quicker.


of businesses said that online collaboration tools are “important” or “somewhat important” to their business during 2013. Expect that trend to grow...


4. Embracing Cloud Computing

According to a report by Forrester, only one-third of UK firms are using or planning to use cloud computing as part of their IT strategic plan in 2014. But the advantages of the cloud for businesses are many:

  • The best option for backing up data and providing resilience and disaster recovery
  • Excellent safeguards will be put in place to keep your data safe by your cloud provider
  • Easier, quicker collaboration between employees
  • Latest software updates can be implemented in seconds across the entire company
  • A trusted technology that is here to stay...

$241 billion

The value of the global cloud computing market by 2020 according to Forrester's 'Sizing the Cloud' report.



  • Properly vet IT services suppliers
  • The right one will be a gift to your business
  • A bad one will hurt your bottom line (see below for more details).
  • Empower your employees with IT training
  • Use collaboration software to boost productivity
  • Head to the Cloud — like it or not, it's the future.


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