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We've Got Your Back (up) . . .

Trusting your valuable company data to IT technologies such as a single storage source is dicing with financial Armageddon. If that hard drive should fail or become corrupted, it's gone – and in most cases, for good . . .

 We've got your back (up) . . .

650 million hard drives are bought every year.

15,000 hard drives fail each day globally.

That's 5.5 million a year – could one of those be yours?

94% of companies that have no backup procedures in place and who experience a catastrophic data loss have gone out of business. . .

Why storage systems fail . . .

Mechanical or electrical failures in the hard drive.

Viruses or malware.

Employee errors – i.e. accidentally deleting key registry files on the hard drive.

Damage caused by heat, water or being dropped.  

Power being pulled without properly shutting down the computer beforehand.

Old age.

How to avoid data Armageddon . . .

Employ the latest IT technologies to protect your data:

  • Regularly backup your information in the Cloud using existing commercial services or draw up a plan for Cloud integration with a trusted third-party supplier.
  • Create a schedule for regularly backing up your data.
  • Test your backup procedures and ensure there is enough memory available to actually backup your data.
  • Buy only high quality hard drives for your data; skimping on costs could see your hard drive failing far sooner. Or use Cloud services so you no longer need to buy any hardware ever again.
  • Remember that all hardware eventually fails, so replace key hardware every three to five years to keep your data safe. Or do away with the hardware and employ a Cloud-based hosted solution instead.

According to Kroll Ontrack, the data recovery experts, people don't use backup systems because:

55% say the time needed to research and administer a backup solution is too much hassle.

26% say the cost is too much.

3% believe that their data is safe without a backup solution.

And even after suffering a data loss, 13% say they would still not consider putting a backup solution in place.


– Storage devices fail sooner or later.

– Consider a Cloud-based hosted solution for improved security and no more hardware costs.

– Use backup services to ensure the future safety of your invaluable company data.

– Don’t be one of those companies that ignores the importance of backup; you could end up paying dearly.

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