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The Client

Registers of Scotland Executive Agency (RoS) is the Scottish Government agency responsible for compiling and maintaining records relating to property and other legal documents in Scotland.  The agency holds 16 registers, the largest of these being the General Register of Sasines and the Land Register.  RoS handles around 500,000 registration transactions each year to make information from the Registers available to the public, and is financed from fees charged for registration and providing information from the registers. RoS has offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow and employs 1,400 staff, with an annual turnover in excess of £80m.

The Challenge

RoS required the assistance of an organisation capable of delivering a broad range of services, with the skill to manage their complex legacy application estate. The estate remains a backbone of the RoS delivery platform, comprising a number of bespoke applications, written to meet their unique requirements, and designed to facilitate their business processes. These include the mission critical Registers Direct function, which allows RoS to provide access for solicitors to property and judicial information.

These RoS-specific applications are integrated through myriad of batch and real-time interfaces, which considering their complexity even on an individual basis, require a thorough technical knowledge and skill to maintain. The continued availability of, and rapid fault resolution for, these fundamental business applications is essential to serve RoS clients and thereby protect the keeper’s indemnity.

The Choice

RoS chose Ubertas because of our technical competencies across a range of service areas. Ubertas proven track record in delivering a world-class service, combined with our ability and willingness to understand RoS, from their general business objectives through to the underlying impact of each bespoke application, evidenced both our history of service excellence and our agile approach, tailored specifically to RoS niche requirements. Ubertas possessed the skill and knowledge base to effectively maintain RoS mission critical applications whilst improving the operational efficiency of the legacy estate

The Solution

Key to providing the support solution to RoS was our ability to seamlessly implement our services across the range of bespoke, complex technologies, in executing desktop, application and database support.

Ubertas deliver a multi-site desktop support service at RoS premises at Meadowbank House and Erskine House in Edinburgh, as well as their Glasgow site. Endemic in this are a wide range of different client requirements, from managing Blackberry network environments to recording and deploying change management for on-site system users, with the necessary flexibility and consistency to react to and execute both small and major change as required.

To support the RoS applications, we gained a detailed understanding of the functionality, technology and service criticality of the legacy estate, as well as the needs of the core user base. This allowed us to deliver bespoke support for RoS mission critical business applications, such as the Land Register System and the Digital Mapping System.

In addition, Ubertas are responsible for the maintenance, monitoring and performance enhancement of the RoS database, affording our client the highest possible levels of information availability. This includes content on both Informix and Oracle databases, ensuring that this enterprise application environment is running smoothly and efficiently.

Ubertas provide 2nd and 3rd line support to RoS, even managing third-party vendors for the provision of 4th line support for a number of integrated components. Indeed we strive to utilise thought leadership to drive continuous service improvement and increase the resilience of the estate.

Ultimately, the Ubertas support service is based on a technical foundation at a core software level and of the bespoke application architecture, and an understanding of the business processes that underpin the technology requirement.

The Outcome

Ubertas have established and demonstrated a reputation as a reliable, trusted partner to deliver the required service in supporting the RoS legacy estate, with the details below exemplifying our competencies with, and knowledge of, the complex data structures relied upon by RoS.

Examples of our Service Delivery to RoS

  • Incident queues reduced following the initial period of service take on
  • 5358 incident and rate-book calls managed across all in-scope systems
  • Incident volumes reduced as a result of continuous service improvement activities
  • 2nd line calls on Registers Direct and Registers Direct 2 systems from 27 outstanding incidents upon handover to Ubertas to 1 incident within a month
  • Reduction in outstanding incidents in Digital Mapping System from 14 to 1 shortly after Ubertas service commenced
  • Aged calls on Land Registry System I excess of 500 days old to 1 incident for monitoring purposes only
  • Enhanced application and system resiliency as a result of sound risk management and the implementation of stabilisation platforms
  • Development of Ubertas Registers Direct hardware refresh programme
  • Provision of quarterly health checks on all Informix database systems in RoS which have delivered system performance improvements at end-user level
  • System Restoration testing for the LRS, DMS and RD applications as part of the Legacy Stabilisation programme
  • Extension of weekday checks to include all Ubertas supported systems 

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