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IT Support Services

At Ubertas, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best in IT support services and managed IT solutions. As industry leaders, we are confident that we can provide you with the tools to accelerate growth in your business. Whether you need a single component or a fully outsourced model, our services are designed to work with you to remove unnecessary cost and mitigate your exposure to operational risk.

With over 15 years of experience, our expert IT support team can help you with your individual business needs with tailor-made support packages, either as a remote or on-site service. If you don’t have the resources for in-house business IT support, Ubertas can take responsibility for your entire IT infrastructure, including all systems, hardware and software. Not only can our remote support services cut the cost of server and network care, it can also help to streamline operations and minimise downtime.

Our client-personalised portal gives us full access to incident progress, enabling us to provide real-time support that is highly relevant and tailored to your business. Using our dedicated service desk, we can perform incident logging via the telephone or online. We also undertake pre-emptive IT maintenance, so you can rest assured that your crucial business systems are secure.

Here at Ubertas, we understand the importance of business continuity. That’s why we are dedicated to providing our clients with professional and reliable care. By allowing us to take care of your IT systems, you can save time, enhance operational efficiency and focus on critical business tasks.

Ubertas provides

  • Full systems, hardware and software support
  • Proactive monitoring and pre-emptive maintenance of business critical systems
  • Remote support and on-site service
  • On-line and telephone incident logging with our dedicated Service Desk
  • Full access to incident progress via our client-personalised portal
  • High expertise through our IT Support Team, with typically over 15 years’ experience

When is Ubertas the answer? When you require assured IT Support Services ranging from a single component to a fully outsourced model, all backed by the Ubertas Service promise.

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