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The Ubertas Client Support Centre in Edinburgh

As part of our on-going service provision and to appropriately cater to our expanding client base, Ubertas has opened a dedicated UK Client Support Centre in the Holyrood region of Edinburgh.

The Centre is located off the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh with the Scottish Parliament, The Scotsman and Holyrood Palace just some of our nearest neighbours. We are based in The Tun, a commercial development complex also housing businesses such as BBC Scotland and The European Commission for Racial Equality.

Ubertas has equipped the Client Support Centre with the latest technology in communications and IT, including a state-of-the-art telephony solution and a fully monitored alarm system.

As Ubertas has clients that are Government organisations which must adhere to strict Information Assurance Standards, Ubertas is dedicated to ensuring that its Client Support Centre also complies with these rigorous standards. 

Ubertas has completed an accreditation process of our IT systems and infrastructure against government Information Assurance Standards. This ensures that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the IT assets, information, data and IT services of Ubertas and our customers are maintained. We have also put in place a number of controls and procedures to ensure the continued development and improvement of our security processes.

With our modern and accredited UK Client Support Centre, Ubertas is now in a perfect position to support both small and larger clients throughout the UK with our proven and high-quality IT solutions.

"The move will allow us to continue to achieve the very best in service delivery to our clients, with the Client Support Centre complying with all relevant Government standards and utilising the best available technology. It will provide the foundation for the continued growth of Ubertas as a business."

John Lacey, Ubertas Managing Director 

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