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Application Support

With business IT applications becoming increasingly complex, refined technical knowledge is essential to achieve sustainable reliability. However for many organisations, having this capability in-house is not an option, as it requires significant investment in specialist resources.

There are several barriers which can present themselves. You may not have the capacity to manage niche or bespoke applications, as the complexity of these renders professional expertise vital. It could be that you don’t have the time available for an arduous knowledge transfer, or maintaining complex business applications and infrastructure may be too costly or not represent value for money.

With application failure likely to have a significant, detrimental impact on your business, you need proven expertise to maintain, support and optimise your applications.

Ubertas can liberate your organization from the limitations of your resources, offering an expanded capability which will provide your staff with uninterrupted access to business critical systems, with our service model enabling your IT capability to match the aspirations of your business.

What we do

  • Tailored enhancement and support of existing applications; change, release and test procedure management
  • Dedicated or shared support services available on-site, remotely or by telephone
  • On-demand support and project service

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