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Business Continuity

Make sure you have an up to date business continuity plan in place to quickly restore IT services when a disaster strikes.

Ubertas can help you create a more resilient business. With the right expertise behind your infrastructure, your critical services can avoid IT disasters that might cause downtime. A well architected IT solution will have redundant instances that provide all of your application services. When one instance fails, another one is immediately and automatically brought to life, with no manual intervention required.

Ubertas provides a full IT Support Service. So if disaster should strike, you have a single number to call to reach our IT Service Centre which will ensure you get back up and running rapidly.

What we do

  • Help design your Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Design and deliver the right IT infrastructure and systems to help mitigate disasters
  • Provide a full suite of services throughout the lifecycle, from design through to IT Support

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