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Managed desktop

The desktop estate incorporates a growing array of end-users' devices that are increasingly costly and onerous to deploy, manage and support. A high quality desktop support service plays an essential role in keeping your staff productive and enabling them to service your customers effectively.

Our desktop support team will take care of your end-user environment, ensuring network access and business as usual irrespective of the device in question. We will also execute incident management and deployment, as well as control and change management.

Ubertas transforms your desktop framework to meet your business needs, with the goal of maximising efficiency and lowering costs. Indeed you will also have access to our professionally accredited subject matter experts, who will address and resolve any issues encountered by your users.

What we do

  • Tailored Range of Modular Services for the End-User Environment
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Desk-side Support Services
  • Device Management

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